How to navigate the legalities of the 18th Judicial Circuit

Posted August 21, 2018 07:19:55 The 18th Circuit is the seat of Alabama’s highest court.

It’s also the seat that decided whether the state can ban same-sex marriage.

On Thursday, a federal appeals court in Washington, DC, ruled that the state of Alabama cannot ban same sex marriage.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on the case in the coming weeks.

The decision, which was made by a 3-2 vote, upheld a lower court decision that found Alabama’s marriage amendment unconstitutional.

That ruling was based on Alabama’s ban on same-day voter registration.

The ruling was made in part on Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s promise to “never allow” same-gender marriage in the state.

If Alabama’s appeal is successful, the Supreme Court is expected to take up the case.

Here’s how the 18 and 17th Judicial Circuits operate in Alabama: The 18 and 16th Judicial Districts in Alabama are the oldest, most rural, and conservative counties in the United States.

Their rulings are based on state law, and state officials can take any action they want to take to enforce the law.

For example, the state bans abortion in Alabama.

In 2018, Alabama passed a law making abortion illegal in most cases.

If the state does so again, however, it could face legal challenges from groups like the ACLU and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Alabama also has some of the most progressive voting laws in the country, with a voter-ID law that passed in the 18 year ago and an increase in early voting that passed last year.

The state’s highest elected official, State Attorney General Luther Strange, is a Democrat, and he supports the legislation.

When it comes to marriage, the 18 th Judicial Circuit has been a hotbed for gay marriage issues, and some of Alabama and the nation’s highest courts have sided with the legal challenges.

The 18 th Circuit ruled that same-year state marriage bans violate the U.S. Constitution’s equal protection clause.

It also ruled that Alabama’s constitutional ban on gay marriage violated the U;S.

Supreme Court’s landmark ruling that same sex couples have the right to marry.

In addition to Alabama, the court has been divided over other issues, including the Voting Rights Act, which is currently being challenged in court.

This story is breaking and we’ll update this post as we learn more.

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