How to decide whether a child should be removed from a state’s custody

A review of the constitution by Irish judges has suggested that there is a “legitimate and important” case to remove a child from a parent’s custody.

The review was conducted by the Judicial Council of Ireland and commissioned by the Child Protection Committee, a group of judges appointed by the Government.

The group of nine judges will be examining cases of “negligent parenting” to determine if the child is in fact a child.

Judges from the Irish Judicial Council have previously found cases of parenting where the parents were both “very angry and abusive” and “extremely unstable”.

The review will be completed by the end of September.

A spokesperson for the Government said the review was carried out following “a series of high-profile cases of abusive parents” in recent years.

The committee is currently looking at a number of cases of parents being found guilty of parenting neglect, but there has been a significant increase in cases in recent months.

A number of parents have been found guilty in relation to their children, including a former child sex abuse survivor.

A child protection officer has also been appointed by Dáil Éireann to investigate cases of parental violence.

In recent years, cases of abuse and neglect of children by parents have increased dramatically.

In 2015, a report found that there had been more than 4,000 such incidents, with the majority involving mothers.

The number of such incidents has since been falling, but the review suggests that the number of incidents may continue to increase.

The report said there was a “growing recognition of the importance of preventing violence and neglect in relation on child custody” and a number “of parents, including mothers, have been able to protect their children from their abusive parents”.

The committee will also be investigating whether there are instances of parents breaching their responsibilities towards their children in relation of child care.

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