What’s in your judicial records? – The Court of Appeal

This week, the court will hear arguments over whether the government of Govind Pansare can order a review of a number of records relating to the Supreme Court’s verdicts.

The records relate to the case of Bhagwati Singh, the first woman to be appointed to the highest court in India, which was overturned in the high court.

The Court also held that the government was bound to respect the decision of the high courts.

Read moreThe case has sparked debate over the role of the judiciary in a democracy and whether it should have the right to review the high-profile rulings of the country’s highest court.

The High Court is the apex body of India’s lower judiciary.

It is headed by Chief Justice K.S. Venugopal, and has been in power since independence.

A number of other judges have been appointed by the government to fill vacancies in the court.

While the Supreme Judicial Council has ruled that it has no right to make such a ruling, it has made several rulings in the past, which it has said have been made in accordance with the law.

The High Court has ruled several times on cases related to the Constitution, including whether the state of Maharashtra has the right not to give benefits to the poor, whether a state can impose a fine on farmers for failing to provide water, and whether the constitution of the state provides for the election of the Supreme Judges.

The government has been pressing for a review, and said it has already consulted with several legal scholars and experts on the matter.

“It’s clear that we are following the high Court’s judgement and we have asked the counsel for the government for their response.

We have also sent a letter to the government seeking their response to the question of whether we can review the judgment of the apex court,” said Rajesh Rana, the chief secretary to the Chief Justice.

The issue has been on the table for some time, as the government has also made the issue of a judicial review an important point in the argument.

In a ruling last year, the High Court ruled that the state cannot impose a financial penalty on farmers in the event of a water shortage, but has allowed a fine to be imposed.

The state government, however, has been arguing that the High Courts ruling does not apply in the context of the Constitution.

“We have to have a law.

If the constitution is the supreme law, then the Supreme Courts cannot be affected by a law passed by the state government,” Rana told reporters.

“So we are going to argue the constitutionality of the law,” he added.

The Supreme Court in April 2014, upheld the constitution, saying the state can only impose a penalty when it has been given a clear opportunity to do so.

The court also ruled that there is a constitutional right to life and liberty, and the right against arbitrary arrest.

However, the state has been fighting the High court for a long time.

In 2014, the government, citing an earlier decision by the Supreme High Court, asked the court to reconsider the High courts decision.

In April this year, it argued that it was wrong to order the High Courses judgement to be reviewed.

On Wednesday, the two-judge bench, headed by Justice R.K. Mishra, will hear the arguments.

In the meantime, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, will hold a press conference to announce that he has taken a decision on whether or not the Highcourt judgment is relevant.

“The state of the court is clear.

We are not going to comment on the High Ct’s judgement,” he told reporters, adding that he would not comment on what is in the state’s judicial records.

The State Government of Maharashtra had submitted a petition before the Supreme court in 2014, seeking to review a judgment of a court of appeals ruling in the case.

The Chief Justice had earlier said the High High Court judgement did not apply to the state.

He said in 2016 that he was unaware of any other high court judgement on the issue.

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