How to find out if you are a candidate for the Court of Appeal

If you have ever wondered whether you are eligible to be a judge, the answer is yes.

The Judicial Council of Australia has decided to take a stab at it and make it easier for applicants.

The decision to make the application process easier has been made in consultation with the State and Territory Judicial Councils.

“We are looking to ensure candidates can access the full range of opportunities that the Court is capable of providing,” the Judicial Council said in a statement.

“There is a very good chance candidates will be able to seek entry into the Court if they are determined to do so.”

To make the process easier, the Judicial Commission will be offering the opportunity to nominate a nominee to a panel of judges.

The process will also be simpler if candidates have completed the pre-application and the application is submitted to the Judicial Appointments Commission.

The panel will then choose one nominee from among those nominated.

If they are found eligible, the Court will then appoint a judge to the bench.

It is understood that applicants will be required to provide information on a range of subjects including: their background; their education; family and personal circumstances; and a statement on any previous criminal record.

The judicial council will also ask candidates to provide evidence in support of their case.

There will be no obligation for candidates to disclose any personal information, including any marriage or relationship information, which will be kept confidential.

It will be up to candidates to contact the Judicial Judicial Appointment Commission (JAC) for further information.

There are currently four vacancies on the Court, including the former Chief Justice, Justice John Geddes, and the Chief Justice of the Federal Court, Justice Peter Kelly.

The vacancies on these courts will be filled by a group of five candidates who have been recommended by the JAC.

The application process will run from September to December and applicants will have until May to submit their application.

The final decision will be made by a panel appointed by the Judicial Court.

There is no limit on the number of candidates a judge can appoint, although candidates who do not meet the Judicial Code will have to make a minimum of four applications.

The deadline to apply is December 13.

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