What to know about a court’s judicial form: a guide to the judicial branch

When you’re a juror, you can find yourself in the eye of a storm.

Here are 10 questions to ask before you take the oath of office: Is there a lawyer on the panel?

If so, who is he?

Is there an opportunity for the panel to ask questions?

If not, what are the panel’s rules?

What are the responsibilities of the judge?

Is the judge expected to make decisions based on the law?

Is he expected to follow the law even if the law is not in his or her favor?

Is a judge expected not to read the law in advance?

Is it legal for the judge to ask the panel questions?

What if the judge decides not to answer a question?

Can the judge make a decision based on a witness’s testimony?

Is an appeal from a decision not heard by the court possible?

Is any judge expected, even though he or she has made the decision, to make sure the decision stands?

Is all of the information given in a form to be considered in making a decision?

How does a judge decide whether to make a ruling?

Is each judge given a brief written statement?

What should be included in the statement?

Is every judge given written instructions?

Is oral instructions given?

What is required of each judge?

What can a lawyer do?

Who can an attorney represent?

Who is a lawyer?

What legal rights does the judge have?

How much money does a lawyer have?

Is someone representing the judge a public official?

Is that a lawyer’s role?

Is anybody representing the panel other than the judge and the judge’s lawyer?

Is anyone representing the judges or their lawyer?

Do the judge or the lawyer have a right to a public hearing?

Is hearing a right of the court?

What happens if the panel is unable to reach a unanimous decision?

Are the rules in place for any of the decisions made by a judge?

Can any judge or panel member be removed?

Is confidentiality guaranteed?

How long is a judge supposed to remain on the court before he or her position is eliminated?

How can the judge be removed from office if he or he is found to be committing fraud?

How is a panel formed?

Is one judge appointed by the governor?

How many members are there on a panel?

Is panel membership determined by age?

Is age limited?

Is only one judge or one group of judges allowed on a given panel?

Can a person be disqualified?

What does the Constitution mean by “judiciary” in the Constitution?

Does the court’s constitution include any provisions for the appointment of judges?

Can judges make legal decisions on behalf of the public?

Can parties bring a civil suit?

Can people sue a judge for damages?

Does a judge have the authority to suspend a person’s right to vote?

Can an officer of the courts be appointed to a higher office?

How often does a person need to appear in court?

How soon does a hearing take place?

Can courts reopen a case if there is no legal resolution?

Is sitting on a court a felony?

What crimes are eligible for a felony charge?

Does criminal history form a defense?

Does an officer or judge have a duty to tell a witness that a witness is a public servant?

What counts as a public- servant?

Who decides whether a person is a “public servant”?

Can a judge be disqualified for failing to disclose a conflict of interest?

What kind of financial compensation is possible?

Does it have to be substantial?

Does any of it have a legal effect?

Can anyone sue a government official for damages or a civil violation?

Can someone sue a party for damages for violating the rights of a person?

Does one of the parties have a standing to sue?

Does someone who is the subject of a lawsuit have a remedy available to him or her?

Is civil liability a matter of law?

Can there be a judicial inquiry into the conduct of a judicial officer?

Is judicial discretion available to a judge in any matter?

Does judicial discretion include the power to remove a judge from office?

Is this judicial discretion protected by the separation of powers principle?

Is political action available to the public when a judge or another judge has an adverse opinion about an elected official?

Does being appointed to the bench in the state of Texas require you to take the Oath of Office?

Is your position as a judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals subject to the laws of the state?

Is serving on the Texas Judicial Panel a requirement for judicial appointment?

What type of oath is required to take on a bench?

Can you be excused from a bench duty if your health is a concern?

Can your name be used for the record?

Are you required to appear at a court hearing?

Do you have to take a written statement at a hearing?

Can court records be reviewed by a public agency or private citizen?

Can witnesses be questioned about their past conduct without a lawyer present?

Can witness statements be used to impeach someone?

Can testimony in court be recorded?

Can information about the case be

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