How to search for an Indian judge

A search is one of the first things you do when you arrive at a court house.

The judges are waiting for you.

The only way to be noticed by them is to show up wearing a robe and mask, and you have to have a court appointment in the next two days.

You can be questioned, photographed and fingerprinted.

And if you fail to appear in court, the magistrate can order you to appear.

It’s a common and often terrifying experience for Indian women who live in rural India.

A large number of them do not go to court, and when they do, they are frequently harassed, intimidated or even murdered.

They are mostly women, the victims of sexual harassment, domestic violence and forced marriage.

Most of them are accused of being corrupt and involved in illegal activities.

Their children have been neglected, their husbands have been imprisoned or even killed.

A recent survey of more than 2,000 people across India, conducted by the Human Rights Watch-affiliated NGO, Global Justice Now, found that nearly three-quarters of Indian women in their 20s had been raped.

And women of colour are particularly vulnerable.

According to a recent report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, nearly 50 per cent of women of color have experienced violence at some point in their lives.

India has the highest number of cases of domestic violence in the world.

Women of colour, especially women from the rural poor and the marginalized, are particularly at risk.

The recent wave of lynchings of people accused of suspected corruption and criminal activity has prompted some women to speak out.

In May, a video surfaced of a young woman of colour speaking to the media about her experiences of being accused of stealing, and was shared thousands of times.

“It is the responsibility of the courts to protect us,” she said.

“I want the justice system to be the first place we come to.”

On Tuesday, a group of about 50 women of Indian origin, many of them students, gathered outside the state judicial headquarters in the city of Calcutta.

They held banners reading, “Justice for all,” “We will not stop fighting” and “Justice is our right.”

The group was led by the mother of a student who was killed by a mob during protests against her husband’s death.

The group, including the mother, was part of the “NoJustice for Women” campaign.

“The only thing that matters is that we have justice,” the mother said.

She has been protesting against police brutality, forced marriage, rape and other abuses of power.

She was shot in the head and died shortly after.

“It’s important to say we are not scared.

We are not afraid of death,” said Akshaya Bhatia, another of the organisers.

“We want justice and we want to live.

We want to be able to get justice and be able live in dignity.”

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