I had a bad dream, but my son said he’d be in touch

A former boyfriend of mine says he was so nervous about meeting his daughter-in-law, who is expecting a baby, that he asked her to take him to a party in the hopes of getting some sleep.

“He said, ‘I’ll be fine,'” he said.

“I just kept telling him that it’s too late, that we can’t do this anymore.

I didn’t want to leave him there with the baby.

I just wanted to get him some time.” 

In his dream, a man in a purple dress and a white shirt walked into the room.

“Who’s this?” he asked.

“The husband of your wife,” the woman replied.

The man in the purple dress then took his shoes off and stepped out of the room, followed by a man wearing a white dress, a red shirt and purple shoes.

The woman said, “You were there the night I had my daughter.

I want you to meet me.”

The couple then met at a restaurant. “

“This is not my husband,” the man in purple said.

“I asked her, ‘Is this the wrong home?’ “

My wife came and sat down at the table with me,” the husband said. 

“I asked her, ‘Is this the wrong home?’

She said, yes,” the wife said.”

The woman then went to the front of the restaurant, grabbed a chair and sat there,” the father said.

Then he said, “This isn’t my wife.” 

“My wife was there the day my daughter was born,” the young man said.

“I said, `My wife’s there too,'” the wife replied. 

The father said the next morning he drove the husband and his wife to a friend’s house.

The young man sat there while the woman sat in the passenger seat.

“When she got out, she walked in front of me and said, she was the one who gave birth to the baby,” the son said.

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