Supreme Court orders bank to pay $4.5bn to CFPB

The U.S. Supreme Court has ordered a major bank to repay the federal government more than $4 billion in civil claims filed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau over the agency’s enforcement of the federal Consumer Financial Safety Act.

The court on Wednesday ordered Bank of America to pay more than a $1 billion penalty, and to pay a $3.9 billion penalty for violating the law in two cases.

In one case, Bank of New York Mellon agreed to pay the agency more than the $3 billion it agreed to in April, and the bank must also pay $1.2 billion in fines for violations of the law.

In the second case, Wells Fargo agreed to a $750 million fine.

The court also ordered Bank, Wells, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase to pay about $800 million to the CFPBC in separate lawsuits over their failure to enforce the law or to monitor their compliance with the CFIAs enforcement requirements.

Bank of America, Wells and Citigroup were each ordered to pay nearly $400 million.

The Supreme Court’s decision comes as the agency seeks to make a case for a broad swath of the CFSAs law, which the Trump administration has repeatedly said has been ineffective in preventing foreclosure abuses.

In February, the court said the agency was overreaching in its efforts to enforce certain provisions of the bill and could be held liable for civil penalties and penalties for compliance with other aspects of the statute.

It is the first time the Supreme Court directly addressed the CFA since it was passed by Congress in 2010.

The law gives federal regulators sweeping authority to collect and report information on the financial status of borrowers, many of whom are in default on mortgages and other debts.

It has been a thorny issue for Congress, which has sought to expand CFA enforcement and also sought to make it easier for homeowners to sue banks, which had previously been barred from pursuing foreclosure actions.

The U,S.

government has sought the agency to provide information to the public about the amount of delinquent debts.

The bank, in a statement Wednesday, said it “will continue to be vigilant in its compliance with all applicable law and regulations.”

The CFPBs enforcement actions, which were prompted by the CBA’s implementation of new rules for the way mortgage servicers must handle loan modifications and modifications to foreclosures, have resulted in more than 2 million foreclosing notices and more than 4.6 million foreclosure cases, according to court documents.

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