Gregg County Judge: ‘I Wasn’t Sure’ if Sessions ‘Has Been ‘Hired to Kill’ Roe

Gregg County, Missouri’s county court judge has slammed Attorney General Jeff Sessions for “hiring” anti-abortion activists to “kill” Roe v.


In a Tuesday statement, Gregg County District Judge Paul Davis called Sessions’ actions a “threat to the health of women and children in this country” and called for an investigation.

“It is absolutely imperative that this matter be thoroughly investigated,” Davis said.

“As the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit has stated, the government’s role in prosecuting cases involving the unborn cannot be limited to prosecuting those who are engaged in abortion.”

“The only thing more troubling than this is that Attorney General Sessions has chosen to hire anti-choice activists to murder Roe v Wade, an act of murder and treason to the Constitution,” Davis continued.

“I am calling on the U.S. Congress to investigate this and hold Attorney General to account for his actions.

It is imperative that we hold the Trump administration accountable for its actions.”

In a statement released shortly after Davis’ remarks, the U,S.

Senate confirmed the first of two pro-life Supreme Court nominees, Neil Gorsuch to the court.

Sessions has denied any involvement in the appointments, which have been condemned by anti-life activists and Democrats.

In January, the Supreme Court upheld a lower court decision to block President Trump’s travel ban.

The justices unanimously rejected a challenge from Texas and Washington state, which argued that the executive order was unconstitutional.

Davis said that the Supreme Council of the United Nations “had warned the United State about the dangers of using this tool for abortion,” according to his statement.

“In its recent annual report, the UN said that it would not recommend the use of the abortion-killing tactic of ‘murderous interference’ against abortion, as it did not want to see it used against other legitimate medical procedures.”

Davis, who is the only judge in the county to vote in favor of President Trump, is known for his pro-abortion stance.

In 2014, he said that he would not take the oath of office if it meant voting against Roe v, Wade.

The anti-woman, anti-LGBT, and anti-immigrant sentiment that fueled the 2016 election is evident in Davis’ stance on abortion.

Davis voted to confirm Gorsuch to his bench in December, a month after Trump’s election, and in May, he was the only Republican judge in Missouri to oppose Trump’s pick for the U.,S.

Supreme Court.

The Republican-led Congress has been slow to act on Gorsuch’s nomination, even as Democrats in the Senate and the House have begun to pressure them to act.

In June, Republicans in the House and Senate blocked Gorsuch’s confirmation by the full Senate, even though he is a member of the Judiciary Committee.

The Supreme Court’s pro-choice vote on the Trump-backed travel ban was also blocked by Democrats in both the Senate, where the legislation had bipartisan support, and the full House, where Democrats had a majority.

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