How to get a judge to sign a petition for a marriage equality ballot

By Jennifer DePillisApril 20, 2020, 5:09:20A couple has been denied their marriage license in Oklahoma after a judge ruled that a county clerk had failed to properly conduct the marriage ceremony.

According to KFOR, Oklahoma County Judge David Brown issued the ruling Tuesday morning in a case involving the couples’ marriage in the town of Nogales.

Brown said he was unaware of any other court rulings that had ruled on same-sex marriage, but said he could not rule on whether Oklahoma has already recognized same-gender marriages.

He said he didn’t know the county clerk was being sued, but that he had ordered her to get married, and he was issuing the marriage license to ensure she would.

In a statement, Brown said he had decided to issue the marriage licenses because the couples “are in a position of great financial hardship.”

He said he felt that issuing licenses to the couple was necessary because the couple had “significant assets, which they would otherwise not have had access to.”

In a lawsuit filed last week, two lesbian couples sued the county over the clerk’s refusal to grant them marriage licenses.

The couples, who live in Oklahoma City, had applied to have their marriage recognized as valid by the state.

The suit says the county’s refusal is unconstitutional because it denies them access to marriage licenses, depriving them of the legal rights of a married couple.

In his ruling, Brown wrote that Nogals County’s refusal of the licenses was “a clear denial of the Plaintiffs’ right to marry.”

In April, Brown ordered the clerk to get the couples married, citing the couples constitutional right to equal protection under the law.

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