How to tell the difference between a trial judge and a jury judge in New York

When a case comes to trial, there are two things you can be sure of.

You know that a trial is being held, and you know that the jury is going to decide whether the defendant should get a sentence.

The difference between the two is called the distinction between a judge and jury.

A trial judge is the one in charge of the case, and the jury decides the sentence.

That’s why you’re seeing so many trial judge vacancies in New Jersey right now.

In a New York case where a jury convicted a man of murder, prosecutors and defense attorneys have a very strong argument for why the jury should sentence the defendant.

They’re arguing that the state’s DNA evidence proves the defendant was the murderer.

Prosecutors say the defendant’s DNA matches DNA from two people who were murdered at the same time in 2001, and DNA testing shows that they were both murdered.

But when it comes to the difference that the court makes, it’s pretty simple.

When a judge decides a case, he or she will ask a question about whether the evidence proves a crime, or if the evidence supports the prosecution’s case.

That is what the jury will decide, and that is what jurors will return with after they have deliberated for 10 minutes and weighed the evidence.

For the state to prove a crime or a defense to a charge, prosecutors must prove the defendant did it.

That means they must prove that the defendant had some kind of intent to kill the victims, or that the perpetrator had a motive to do so.

The prosecutor also has to prove that either the defendant or his accomplices had knowledge of the murders.

If the prosecutor can show that the defendants were aware of the crimes, then the jury can decide whether to give the defendant a sentence of life in prison without parole.

If prosecutors can’t prove the defendants knew of the crime, then prosecutors must show that they didn’t have the means to do it.

Prosecutors also have to prove the person who committed the crime knew about it.

There are a few key differences between a jury and a judge.

When it comes down to determining whether the accused did it, a jury decides whether the crime was premeditated, intentional, or a combination of the two.

If a jury is convinced that the crime happened, then it’s called a “jury find,” and the defendant will be convicted.

In most cases, the accused is acquitted, but a defendant who is convicted can appeal that conviction.

That can happen in the cases where the evidence is overwhelming and clear.

If prosecutors can show the defendant knew of a crime and that person didn’t do it, then they can still be prosecuted.

But a prosecutor cannot show the person did it and the accused didn’t.

The state can prove a defendant didn’t know, but the defense can show there’s not enough evidence to prove he didn’t intend to do the crime.

If jurors are not convinced of a defendant’s guilt, then a judge can find that the person’s intent was too great to justify the punishment.

In the most extreme cases, a judge will order that a defendant be executed.

In New Jersey, the judge can also sentence a defendant to death.

The defendant has to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

That usually means that the prosecution has to show beyond a doubt that the killing was pre-meditated.

In other words, there has to have been some kind to the killings, either physical, emotional, or mental.

The prosecutor also can show beyond any reasonable doubt that a person knew the killer was in the area when the killings occurred.

That requires the prosecutor to show that a certain level of premeditation was involved, either deliberate or not.

The jury is the final judge, but it’s the judge who has the final say on whether the state gets to put the defendant to the death row.

Read more about trial judges in New Mexico and New York.

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