Which of Italy’s 11 judicial districts are most likely to be part of a new judicial district?

Italia: 10 districts will become the new 11th judicial district.

A new Judicial Districts (Ciudades) will be formed and will consist of 11 districts.

Article 9.

The new Judicial Areas will be established in all 11 judicial district Courts.

The Judicial Areas are composed of all judicial districts except those that already exist.

A judicial district will be a district of two or more judges, except for the Court of Appeal, which has a single judge.

The following areas are considered part of the new Judicial Area: A) the Judicial Area of Naples, B) the district of Parma, C) the area of Milan, D) the court district of Turin and E) the region of Umbria.

In order to be a part of any Judicial Area, a district has to have at least 1,000 inhabitants.

All districts will be governed by the same judges.

The number of judges in the Judicial District will be equal to the number of members of the National Chamber of Justice in the state of the State, and the Judicial Areas would have a population of 1,300 judges.

Judicial District 2: Piacenza Italia (Parte IIe) Article 10.

A district will consist either of a capital and a court of appeal (Partie IIe), or a capital court (Partite IIe).

Article 11.

A capital court will have at most three judges.

A court of appeals will have the same number of jurists.

Article 12.

A trial will be conducted within the judicial district in which the capital court is located.

The district of Milan is the second largest district.

The Trial of the Capital Case (Parti della Travaille, Parti dell’Antonio Rizzuto, Partitura della Parte IVe) will consist within the Judicial area of Piacesa, the judicial area of Umbra, the district in Parma and the district (part of a) of Milan.

It is the same court as the one of the Italian capital.

The first case was tried by the Capital Court in Rome.

The second trial will occur on March 30, 2021 in the district on the borders of Umbriana and Umbria, in the same region of Piazza, in which a trial of the capital case was conducted.

In the latter case, the trial of capital charges was postponed, because of the absence of the victim of the murder.

Article 13.

In case of capital trial, the jury must be drawn from the judicial areas of the two capital districts and two court districts of the Court District of Milan and of Pisa.

Article 14.

In each district, the number and composition of the judicial districts will also be governed through the same criteria as in the capital courts.

The total number of legal officers of the Judicial areas will be 100, as in capital courts, and 100 in the other judicial districts.

The composition of judicial districts is also governed by a principle that all legal positions of the judiciary are equal.

This means that a district judge, a judge in the Court, a magistrate judge, an assistant judge, district magistrate, a justice of the peace, a municipal judge and the President of the Supreme Court of Justice will all hold the same judicial positions.

The legal positions are divided into two categories: district judges and district magistrates.

A judge who is a district magistrate will be appointed to a district, but he will not have a seat on a district court.

A magistrate judge is a member of the Superior Court of the District where he is to act in a certain judicial capacity.

He may also be a judge on a civil court or on a criminal court, but in his case the seat is not a seat in a district.

Article 15.

In addition to the three judges, there will be at least one judge of the High Court.

A representative of the high court will also hold a judicial position.

A general prosecutor will have a place in the court of trial.

A justice of peace will also have a position in the High Courts of Justice.

Article 16.

In cases of the death of a judge, the prosecutor will not be a member, but will instead be a representative of an administrative office.

The prosecutor’s role will be as follows: a) to investigate the cause of death and, if there are any, determine whether there was negligence; b) to conduct a judicial enquiry, if it is required; c) to make recommendations to the President or to the Senate; d) to receive the findings of the investigation and make recommendations on the appropriate course of action; e) to hold the investigation; f) to take decisions regarding the proceedings; g) to appoint a judge of probate.

The High Court of Probate (Partita Provinziale) and the High Criminal Court of First Instance (Partitas Provinzienses)

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