Allegations of sexual abuse and cover-ups emerge in court documents

An Alabama judge who has presided over the death penalty case of a man who committed suicide after being denied a pardon is facing accusations of sexual assault.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Montgomery County, Judge John T. Dickson accused the state’s attorney general of lying to him about the nature of the allegations.

The lawsuit claims that Dickson and his wife, an attorney, were assaulted by a man, who Dickson identified as a former prosecutor, in the 1990s.

The lawsuit claims the man’s wife told the judge she was sexually assaulted and that the man then threatened to expose Dickson’s genitals.

The alleged victim is a former Montgomery County judge who is now in his 60s.

The state’s attorneys office said it has been notified of the lawsuit.

In a statement to The Associated Press, the office said, “We do not comment on pending litigation.”

In court documents, Dickson claims his wife and daughter have been assaulted, but his attorney said the assaults occurred after Dickson was appointed to the bench in 2000.

In his lawsuit, Denton says the alleged victim repeatedly told him that the alleged assaults occurred because he was married to another woman and that she was angry that Denton didn’t pardon him.

The alleged victim also claimed Dickson tried to have sex with her.

In one instance, Dixons daughter was at his home with her grandparents when she said she saw Dickson grab a pair of scissors from a cabinet, Danton allegedly told her, according to the lawsuit, which is based on a complaint by the mother.

Dickson alleges in the lawsuit that the woman’s father told her to lie about the alleged incidents and that Danton threatened to reveal her name and phone number to her father.

In the lawsuit Dickson also alleged that the accused was the subject of a sex offender registry that was used to prevent him from working in a law firm, but he did not file any paperwork.

Dixons attorney, Steven K. Gans, declined to comment on the lawsuit but said the judge is looking forward to presenting his case to the jury.

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