Supreme Court strikes down Georgia abortion law

GAZA CITY, West Bank (AP) A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday overturned a Georgia law that banned abortions in the first trimester of pregnancy, ruling that the measure violates a woman’s right to life.

The U.N. General Assembly must still consider the ruling, which comes just weeks after a U.K. Supreme Court ruling overturning the country’s abortion ban.

The law, which was signed by President Donald Trump last year, required women to receive a medical diagnosis before having an abortion.

The state also has to provide abortion counseling services to the women seeking abortions.

The Associated Press has not independently verified the court’s decision.

Trump signed the law into law in January.

A U,N.

Human Rights Council report in January said the law was designed to prevent abortions in circumstances where a woman has a severe mental or physical disability and the fetus has a risk of suffering severe neurological damage.

The report said the provision was also meant to prevent the loss of a pregnancy or miscarriages that occur during a miscarriage.

It also said the state had no evidence to support the measure’s intent to restrict access to safe abortion.

Abortion rights advocates applauded the ruling.

Abortion advocates are hoping that the U.T.O. will overturn the ruling as a way to force other states to respect the right of women to end pregnancies and live free from unwanted pregnancies.

“The U.n. has called for women to be free to make decisions about their reproductive health, and that means that they have a right to choose,” said Sarah Brady, vice president of policy at the Guttmacher Institute, which advocates for abortion rights.

“Now we see this court saying that that is also an integral part of a woman having a right of choice.”

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