How to keep a courtroom calm in Colombia

The Latest News from Colombia <<< Previous News from Columbia Thematic & Content                          �       "We have a judicial system that is corrupt," said the head of the Colombian senate, Eduardo C. Paredes.

“This system is totally corrupted.

I am the only one who can stop this system.”

The Senate is investigating President Juan Manuel Santos’s alleged role in the corruption scandal.

Santos has denied any wrongdoing and has promised a thorough probe.

The senate, which controls both houses of Congress, is looking into allegations of corruption, nepotism, and the use of public funds to cover up evidence of crimes.

A recent report by the National Commission for Integrity and Transparency, a body that examines allegations of electoral fraud and political interference, found the government has failed to combat corruption.

The commission also said the country faces a serious crisis in terms of political, economic, and social development.

In a statement, Santos said he is committed to the rule of law and to preventing political interference in the judicial system.

“The justice system has been attacked by all political forces, from right-wing and left-wing forces, who want to create an image of a corrupt and dysfunctional judiciary,” Santos said.

“I have no intention of weakening the judiciary or politicizing it.

But I will ensure that justice is done, and I will never let it happen again.”

The senate’s investigation is part of a larger investigation into possible election fraud in the 2014 presidential election.

The Supreme Court has previously ruled that elections in Colombia were free and fair, but that the ruling violated the constitution’s guarantee of equal justice.

The National Commission on Integrity and Freedom of Expression (NCIF) released a report last month that said the election was rigged against the opposition, but was unable to determine whether any vote tampering took place.

The NCIF’s report concluded that more than 4 million votes were illegally cast and that the outcome was “likely to have been influenced by the use by the ruling party of fraudulent and illegal votes.”

The commission called on the president to make a public apology for the scandal.

The Senate has scheduled a hearing on Thursday to discuss the NCIF report, which it said could result in a criminal charge.

A similar investigation into the 2015 presidential election in which the leftist FARC rebels won more than 60 percent of the vote is also being investigated by the Senate.

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