Why a federal judge is the latest justice to leave a courtroom

Posted February 01, 2020 05:04:10Federal Judge William Orrick has left the bench, leaving a trail of other judges who have left the courtroom in recent weeks.

The latest to leave the bench is U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer, who announced his retirement last week.

Orrick will be replaced by U.K. Judge David Shaughnessy.

Orrell is a longtime critic of President Donald Trump, and the judges who were forced out of the bench in recent months have been vocal about their discontent.

Orrill, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton, has been a fierce critic of Trump, calling the president’s decision to recognize Jerusalem the capital of Israel “an affront to the basic principles of our democratic institutions.”

A spokesman for Orrick, Peter Ritchie, said in an email to Fortune that Orrick would not be commenting on the court’s decisions.

“Judge Orrick is a highly respected member of the federal judiciary and he will continue to be respected as such,” Ritchie wrote.

Orrick has presided over several high-profile cases, including the case of the American Civil Liberties Union and the case against former President Donald Trumps controversial Muslim ban.

Orlick has also served as a member of President Barack Obama’s legal team.

He is a conservative appointee, and he has said he will vote to block the Supreme Court’s decision on the Trump administration’s travel ban.

The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the travel ban on February 16.

Orrisons decision to retire could be a blow to Trump, who has said Orrick’s retirement would be a victory for the president and his conservative agenda.

Orricks decision to step down could put pressure on his successor, a person familiar with the matter said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The Trump administration could try to force Orricks successor to take a different position.

Orrin is the second federal judge to retire in recent days.

In January, former Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who served on the 9th U.D. Circuit Court of Appeals, announced he would step down after he was charged with a misdemeanor sexual assault.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected next week to vote on whether to confirm Kavanaugh, a conservative Republican.

Orries resignation will likely affect cases filed by the Department of Justice and other federal agencies.

Trump has not commented on the judge’s decision.

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