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At first glance, the first two paragraphs of the Supreme Court’s decision in the case of D.C. v.

Heller sounds like a straightforward legal maneuver.

But in reality, it is one of the most important decisions in modern American history, one that is so significant that the Supreme Courts have made it the focus of their briefs and speeches.

In the first paragraph, Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the majority, said that the Court “did not adopt any view of the right to keep and bear arms which would prevent it from holding that an individual’s right to bear arms does not infringe upon the Second Amendment.”

In other words, the Court said that a person’s right not to be killed by a police officer does not give him or her a right to carry a gun.

The second paragraph, which is the crucial part of the decision, begins: The Second Amendment guarantees the right of the people to keep, bear, and use arms for the defense of themselves and the state.

“We hold that the Second Clause of the United States Constitution protects an individual right to own and carry a firearm, and that this right includes the right not only to own a firearm for lawful purposes, but also to bear it for lawful defense, including to use it in self-defense against a threat to one’s life,” Kennedy wrote.

The key phrase in this second sentence is “for lawful defense.”

In many ways, it sounds straightforward.

But it is also a key part of what makes the decision so important.

It is the key to understanding why, over the last several years, the Second Amendments have come under renewed scrutiny.

The Heller decision, and the subsequent Supreme Court cases that followed, have been a test of two competing views of the Second.

Some have argued that the right “to keep and carry” includes the “right not to bear a weapon” as well.

That view, known as the right-to-bear-arms view, has been supported by the gun rights advocacy movement, which believes that the only way to effectively stop gun violence is to restrict gun ownership, to make it harder for criminals to obtain guns, and to make gun ownership harder for law-abiding citizens to get.

This view has also been supported in many other states, and by conservative legal scholars.

Others have argued, instead, that the constitutional right to be armed extends to all people and that the Constitution’s guarantee of the “second amendment” doesn’t prohibit individuals from possessing guns for defensive purposes.

In other states with a similar interpretation of the constitution, it has also emerged that the gun-rights movement has had a powerful ally: the National Rifle Association.

The NRA argues that its members’ right to possess guns is protected by the Second Bill of Rights.

In its view, gun owners are a constitutional right because they are citizens exercising a constitutional privilege, one recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court in Heller.

But the NRA’s view of what the Second is meant to protect has been challenged in the courts.

First, the Supreme of the Court has held that the Heller decision does not apply to state or federal laws restricting gun ownership.

Second, the Heller court has rejected the NRA argument that the amendment’s protections are limited to defensive uses of firearms.

And, in 2014, the NRA filed a brief in the U,S.

District Court for the District of Columbia challenging the constitutionality of a Texas law that required gun owners to obtain a permit before carrying a concealed firearm.

The federal appeals court in Atlanta disagreed with the NRA and issued a ruling in 2015 that upheld the Second, meaning that, even if the Second were interpreted to exclude “the right to engage in lawful, lawful defensive purposes,” the right still includes the same right to use guns for self-defence.

In addition to being a significant decision, the decision also has important implications for the rest of the country.

First of all, it will help shape the future of gun rights.

The Supreme Court has made it clear that the decision is about a constitutional issue, not just the right for gun owners in some states to own guns.

Second of all , it is a pivotal decision in a series of cases on the Second and the right’s relationship to the right.

The case is currently before the U.,S.

Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, which has jurisdiction over the Second in the District.

If the Supreme is correct that the “constitutional right to arm” includes a right not just to arm for self defense but to bear firearms, then the 4 th Circuit decision could set a standard for the future Supreme Court to follow.

The decision could lead to a major shift in the law.

If a court does find that the constitution’s protections do not extend to defensive use of firearms, that would make it easier for states to pass laws that restrict or restrict the right, and easier for courts to invalidate those laws.

In a way, it would give a green light to gun-control laws, because the right is protected in a way that is

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