How to file a defamation case against a journalist

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered a review of the Supreme Court judgment that declared a journalist’s column as a matter of public interest in the Supreme Judicial Court.

The order came after a lawyer for the journalist and his publisher, who had filed a defamation suit, sought an emergency stay on the judgment.

The court has not yet decided whether to grant the stay.

The lawyer, Sanjeev Shukla, told the court that the decision of the high court to review the judgment was “ridiculous and baseless.”

He said it was clear from the judgment that the article was a matter which was newsworthy, even though it had been widely published.

He also said the court had erred in not ordering the immediate ban on the article.

The judgement was issued after the journalist, Kalyan Bhushan, filed a suit against a local newspaper, The Hindu, and the publisher, Sunil Mehta, on the grounds that it had published his column on the matter of his mother’s death.

The court held that the newspaper had not done so in the manner required by the rules of the profession.

The judges said the newspaper’s column on Bhushant’s mother, Vashishtha, who died in 2007, was news in the sense of having news value and, therefore, a matter worthy of public notice.

“The Court has to be cautious when it comes to the right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

The public interest, the interest of a journalist, and that of the people are all important,” Justice Prashant Bhushal said in a separate written order.

Bhushan has since sought to move the Supreme court for a fresh review of his case, which was heard on Tuesday.

The High Court has also directed the government to appeal against the ruling.

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