How to vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

After the Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday, we decided to dig into the reasons why and how the Supreme Court should have done so.

And the answer is: we’d have loved it if the court had done it.

The Supreme Court has a very long history of rejecting nominees that it would not have liked, whether it was because of political pressure from Democrats or because of concerns about the candidates’ record.

In the case of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, it was the latter, as the Senate Judiciary Committee had a long history pushing for a Brett Kavanaugh nomination.

The committee had repeatedly recommended him for the job, including in 2006 and 2008.

But there’s no reason to think that the committee would have approved him under the same circumstances.

This is not a time for the Senate to rubber stamp the nomination, but the fact that it did is a good sign.

It gives a good sense of the extent to which the Senate would have gone to confirm a nominee with a record of judicial activism.

It also shows that the Republican majority would have wanted the court to do this.

If the Senate had just nominated Judge Kavanaugh and put him up for a vote, it would have been like putting up a Republican candidate for President.

The nomination would have failed, because it would be clear that the Senate did not want that person to be confirmed.

But it’s clear that if the Senate decided to put up a nominee and let him make a case, it could have done that.

This would have given Republicans a reason to move forward.

But because the Senate rejected Kavanaugh, they didn’t, even though it would likely have been easier.

Republicans did not nominate Kavanaugh because of the politics surrounding his nomination.

That was a completely different issue, one that has no bearing on whether he should have been confirmed.

The political pressure was intense.

This was a political race, after all, and the nomination was a significant political step in the GOP’s effort to push for a third term.

Republicans could have nominated Judge Brett.

They chose not to.

But they could have chosen to nominate someone else.

And they could, and should have.

If this story was written in a vacuum, the Senate might not have made the right decision.

But as a reminder of how political the nomination is, and how that pressure made it harder to get a judicial nominee confirmed, this story gives us some perspective.

The first thing we should note is that the pressure was real.

Republicans had a real shot at having a Supreme Court justice confirmed, but they didn´t get the votes.

And Republicans didn’t get the nomination in the Senate, either.

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